Marianne Rees and
Two Marys Nature Preserve

These two combined preserves are located just three miles south of Fresh Tracks Nature Preserve.

Marianne Rees and
Two Marys Nature Preserve

Established in 2000, the Marianne Rees Nature Preserve and Two Marys Nature Preserve together measure 1,300 acres (more than two square miles) and are located three miles south of Fresh Tracks Nature Preserve. Marianne Rees is adjacent to 640 acres of state land to the east. Two Marys borders the Comanche National Grassland, managed by the US Forest Service.

The properties contain prairie dog colonies and areas of lush swales and diverse prairie wildflowers. In addition to prairie dogs, we regularly see coyotes, pronghorn, hawks, golden eagles, cottontail rabbits, native snakes, and diverse lizards there. Songbirds are frequent visitors, including lark buntings and horned larks.


Nicole checks on a past cottonwood planting. The young tree is not taller than her.


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