Habitat is vanishing, leaving wildlife with no place to go.

Our solution: Buy the Land.


The Southern Plains Land Trust purchases land for prairie wildlife. It’s that simple. So far, we’ve protected over 56,000 acres in our preserve network, providing urgently needed refuge to a wide variety of native grassland animals and plants. Piece by piece, we are restoring the American Serengeti.

SPLT’s Prairie Vision

The Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT), founded in 1998, creates and protects a network of shortgrass prairie preserves, which ensure a future for all native animals and plants. Each year, SPLT has dramatically increased our pace of land acquisition focused in southeastern Colorado, a biodiversity hotspot. 
*We are inspired by historian Dan Flores’ 2016 award-winning book, American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains, where Flores recounts the tremendous wildlife diversity and abundance that once occurred in the Great Plains. The term American Serengeti is the idea that North America’s grasslands once was teeming with diverse wildlife, on the same magnificant level as what remains in national parks within the African Serengeti.  In America, the epic wildlife diversity included countless bison, pronghorn, elk, and wild horses. Chasing them around were scores of grizzly bears, wolves, and coyotes.
Flores deeply explores how North America’s fantastic grasslands were lost during the settlement of the American West in the 1800s and 1900s. Flores writes “There’s still time to recover America’s Serengeti and plenty of room for optimism.” Flores draws from the region’s rich history to discuss the urgent need to preserve and restore native wildlife. His book notes exciting initiatives to create large expanses of preserved areas, including SPLT’s efforts.

For an in-depth exploration of SPLT’s founding, check out Wildlands Philanthropy, a beautiful book about buying private lands to protect nature, forever. Lately, we’ve been further inspired by the Nature Needs Half Network *and Global Rewilding Alliance,* of which we are a member.

SPLT is a member of the Land Trust Alliance, accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, certified by the State of Colorado to hold conservation easements, and a member of the Nature Needs Half Network. SPLT is a proud member of Keep It Colorado, a statewide coalition with a vision of a Colorado where people, lands, waters and wildlife thrive. We are also proud members of the Global Rewilding Alliance, working with partners around the world to recover the natural beauty, diversity, and resilience of Earth.

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