The Southern Plains Land Trust creates and protects a network of shortgrass prairie preserves, which ensure a future for all native animals and plants.

With your help, we can expand Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve to 43,000 acres by 2024. A preserve that big gives the legendary American athlete, the pronghorn, room to stretch their runners’ legs. It gives the US National Mammal, the bison, more area to maintain prairie grasslands. Expanding Heartland Ranch will help bring to life SPLT’s vision of an American Serengeti. 

Please be a hero to prairie wildlife by giving today. 

Sept. 21, 2021: The National Park Service plans to allow hunters to take twelve bison from within  Grand Canyon National Park. Southern Plains Land Trust has offered to to be part of a solution that would give these bison, our national mammal, the opportunity to live out their lives on a permanently protected shortgrass prairie wildlife refuge.
Read the full press release from Animal Wellness Action.

Habitat is vanishing, leaving wildlife with no place to go.

Here’s our solution: Buy the Land.

The Southern Plains Land Trust purchases land for prairie wildlife. It’s that simple. So far, we’ve protected over 32,000 acres in our preserve network, providing urgently needed refuge to a wide variety of native grassland animals and plants. Piece by piece, we are restoring the American Serengeti.

SPLT is a member of the Land Trust Alliance, accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, certified by the State of Colorado to hold conservation easements, and a member of the Nature Needs Half Network. SPLT is a proud member of Keep It Colorado, a statewide coalition with a vision of a Colorado where people, lands, waters and wildlife thrive. We are also proud members of the Global Rewilding Alliance, working with partners around the world to recover the natural beauty, diversity, and resilience of Earth.


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