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~ 2022 Events ~

October 22, 2022: Pikas, Prairies and the Climate Crisis. Stunning field photography and virtual reality video explored the surprising connections between Colorado’s shortgrass prairies and the American pika. We uncovered how to help save pikas and prairies through the Colorado Carbon Offsets Partnership.

May 12-15, 2022: Denver Colfax Marathon. The “Southern Plains Pronghorn” relay team and individual runners helped raise funds for our critical prairie conservation efforts.

~ 2021 Events ~

May 5-June 5 2021: Shortgrass Stampede Walk-a-Thon (virtual)

June 26th, 2021: Toast to the Prairie (virtual). We Lifted our glasses to honor and celebrate the prairie. We enjoyed music from Tivoli Club Brass Band, mixed media art from Dolan Geiman and a visit with the bison herd at Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve.

~ 2020 Events ~

December 5, 2020: SPLT’s 9th Annual Celebration of the Prairie (virtual). Sold out two years in a row.

December 8, 2020Colorado Gives Day! Thank you to everyone who donated and scheduled their donation ahead of time at, where you can make a donation anytime or become a monthly donor.

July 22, 2020 at 6pm: Wine & Wildlife on the Prairie. An online adventure that included a virtual wine-tasting and winery tour by Talon Winery owner Glenn Foster. Followed by a “visit” to the prairie with SPLT Director Nicole Rosmarino and Preserve Manager Jay Tutchton.

~ 2019 Events ~

December 3, 2019: Giving Tuesday –a global day of giving where Facebook matched donations up to $7 million.

December 10, 2019: Colorado Gives Day!

December 15, 2019: Odd Numbers Matching Challenge. A generous SPLT donor matched all odd-numbered donations up to $9,683.

October 26, 2019: SPLT’s 8th Annual Celebration of the Prairie was held at History Colorado Center in Denver. First Gentleman Marlon Reis gave a rousing speech about the need to protect prairie wildlife now, by donating to SPLT. The Celebration sold out & raised nearly $40,000.

June 22, 2019: SPLT’s Toast to the Prairie – held at the Fleming Mansion, Denver. The event sold out & raised nearly $20k for prairie wildlife.

~ 2018 Events ~

October 19, 2018: SPLT’s 20th Anniversary Celebration – held at Space Gallery, Denver. The event sold out & raised $45k for prairie wildlife.

July 28 & 29, 2018: Annual bakesale for the prairie at VegFest Colorado . A fabulous success thanks for all who participated: patrons, tablers, and bakers. We raised $3,000 for prairie wildlife.

April 18-20, 2018: SPLT exhibited at the Center for Great Plains Studies Plains Safaris conference in Kearney, Nebraska. Executive Director, Nicole Rosmarino, delivered a presentation on our efforts to create large wildlife refuges in the southern Great Plains.

April 2018: SPLT participated in the Wild Animal Sanctuary’s Wild Earth Day Festival. Thanks to our volunteers.

May 2018: SPLT hosted the Las Animas 5th Grade class at our Raven’s Nest Nature Preserve.

SPLT believes the most tangible and effective way we can help prairie wildlife is to acquire and protect the ground under their feet.


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