Wild Animal Refuge

Southern Plains Land Trust teams up with The Wild Animal Sanctuary at the Refuge in Baca County.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s Wild Animal Refuge

The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) donated a conservation easement on its Refuge in Baca County, Colorado to SPLT in 2021 to ensure the property’s permanent protection. The Refuge is a stunningly beautiful park-quality property with towering rock formations, caves, canyons, cottonwoods and streams, grasslands, and juniper woodlands.

This property provides large habitats to rescued grizzly bears, wolves, African lions, tigers, black bears, and more. With no hunting allowed, area elk, mule deer, bobcats, and other wildlife find refuge here. TWAS and SPLT share a commitment to protecting the animals and plants native to the shortgrass prairie and plan to extend the conservation easement to include its Las Animas County portion this year

Photo of burrowing owl

Photos courtesy of The Wild Animal Sanctuary.


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