Join us for our 2022

Celebration of the Prairie

Thank you! Our annual Celebration of the Prairie was a beautiful gift. We raised $70,000, allowing us to continue providing critical refuge to native grassland animals & plants. Piece by piece, together, we are restoring the American Serengeti!

If you missed this year’s Celebration, we invite you to a virtual tour of the Prairie screened at the event:

November 12, 2022  • 6–9 pm

The Governor’s Residence • Denver, CO

Celebrate the Southern Plains Land Trust’s (SPLT’s) biggest step forward yet, with our purchase of 18,000 acres in July. This acquisition expanded our Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve to approximately 43,000 acres, or nearly 70 square miles, and brought our shortgrass prairie preserve network to more than 56,000 acres. Our large prairie preserves provide native wildlife and plants true refuge. It is an accomplishment truly worth celebrating together.




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A special thanks to the SPLT photographers!

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